Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson, Consultant, Salesforce Effectiveness at Aon Hewitt

Scott Simpson, a member of the Salesforce Effectiveness team, has a strong reputation in sales leadership at Aon. We recently sat down with Scott to hear about his journey to Aon and his work here.

In his role at Aon, Scott helps clients optimize their sales organizations by:

  • Designing sales incentive plans that support the organization’s current business strategies
  • Refining the client’s sales deployment model
  • Helping our clients understand their own clients’ buying patterns across products and service lines so they can target client segments appropriately

The Salesforce Effectiveness team also designs forecasting models for cost/benefit analysis and works directly with clients’ personnel to help them understand the changes proposed.

Consulting, Scott says, is one of the few industries where one can be a doer, a manager and a seller. He believes very few careers require that kind of breadth. Scott chose Aon because of its global nature, blue-chip clientele, flexible work environment and deep experience of the firm’s consultants—and because of the breadth of service offerings that we are beginning to employ collectively in new, market-leading ways.

Working for Aon has given him an opportunity to develop his analytical skillset and business acumen. Scott has been able to apply his studies in International Relations and Spanish throughout his career, helping him understand and explain the political, economic and social factors that influence currency markets and communicating with Spanish-speaking clients, including leading a workshop in Bogota, Colombia.

In his spare time, Scott enjoys playing basketball and beach volleyball, biking, photography and camping.

Scott’s advice to those thinking of joining the firm: “Do your research on Aon—it takes more than a superficial understanding of Aon’s businesses to grasp the value of this firm’s offerings and what your work will mean in a broader context.”

Venezuela : the same risk for the investor as Afghanistan
El Mundo (Spain) | Staff | 03/05/2015

Venezuela continues to have high risks in all [ economic ] areas with problems especially important in the legal, regulatory environment and currency exchange . The risk of default has increased as a result of falling oil ” . This explains Aon , one of the world’s largest companies in risk management, insurance and consulting , is the reason why the country is the same level as Afghanistan , Iran and Iraq as far as risks for investors concerned which is embodied in the 2015 Political Risk Map of the British company has developed with Roubini.

Insurers to face $1 bln in claims from U.S. bad weather in Feb-report
Reuters | Staff | 03/06/2015

Insurers are likely to face claims of at least $1 billion due to bad weather in the United States in February, according to a report from reinsurance broker Aon Benfield.
“Early estimates suggest aggregated economic losses from the events will be in the low-digit billions of dollars, with insured losses likely to exceed $1 billion,” it said in a statement.



Introducing Kunal Malhotra

Manager-Talent Acquisition Sourcing

Noida, India

by Nicole Nespeca

Compassionate leadership can take many forms—think of former South African president Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. You’ve probably known a leader who shows great compassion for others. Here at Aon Hewitt, when I think of compassionate leadership, I think of Kunal Malhotra.

He started working for Hewitt Associates in December 2006, landing the job after just one interview. Because of his dedication and perseverance, he proved to be a quick study and was soon running talent sourcing acquisition in India.

Kunal was recently named the Manager of Talent Acquisition Sourcing for the Noida, India office, leading a team of recruiters who identify, engage, and attract candidates for Aon offices across North America and the United Kingdom.  

Part of what makes Kunal such an effective recruitment leader are his mad networking skills—extensively collaborating across industries and market segments. His credentials also include a master’s degree in Human Resources and Management and certifications in AIRS, CIR, and HireVue.

Lucky for us, Kunal chose Aon because of the global progressiveness of its professional services, fostering passionate and tenacious international teams. He especially appreciates leadership’s accessibility to and interaction with their teams, and he tries to emulate those characteristics with his own team.

There’s more to Kunal than work, though. He has a beautiful, two-year-old daughter who means the world to him. He loves to travel and try new places to eat with his family.

Kunal finds that the company nurtures its colleagues in growing their careers and as individuals. He has seen this in his own career and is very grateful for his transformation from a college kid to a young mature leader in talent acquisition. He loves that Aon focuses on empowering results, which illustrates how much the organization believes in its colleagues.

Kunal really likes how friendly and supportive his team is, and they consider him to be the epitome of a kind leader. Ahem…I couldn’t agree more.


Meet Meredith Morales, Team Lead, Segment Strategies

Aon Hewitt

By Nicole Nespeca-Manager, Global Talent Acquisition


It’s only been six months since Meredith Morales joined the Aon Hewitt Recruiting Process Outsourcing team supporting the BMO Harris Bank and BMO Financial Group account in February 2014, but she’s already making a difference. She manages a team of campus and diversity recruiters in both Canada and the United States.


I will take credit for recruiting her, and I would like to think that my amazing personality and powers of persuasion made her want to join us. But Meredith really chose to join us because she believes Aon is a leader in the industry and Aon Hewitt has always been a premier employer of choice for top-notch service delivery. The opportunity to be part of the Aon Hewitt team was important to Meredith because of its strong reputation for empowering results.


Meredith has the credentials—a master’s in Public Policy from Northwestern University and a Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)—but it is her passion for people and diversity that prompted her to start connecting candidates to their ideal careers, which helps them realize their goals.


“Diversity is the mix behind recruitment,” says Meredith. “Everyone offers a facet of diversity, and incorporating a broad and diverse workforce contributes to the organization’s ability to drive results and both connect to and reflect its consumer base.”


What else about the firm is important to Meredith? Aon’s focus on empowering results illustrates how important we believe it is to add value to the clients we serve. Aon offers great flexibility and autonomy to grow, and the firm’s paradigm of leadership accessibility drives career growth and colleague engagement.


We all know that enjoying life outside of the office is critical to an individual’s overall outlook and success in life. Fortunately, Meredith has that covered, too. She has a daughter whom she adores and who makes her laugh. She is also a self-described “roller coaster fanatic.”


With her positive attitude and friendly personality, I don’t doubt that Meredith will be successful in the roller coaster that is life. We are thrilled to have her expertise in diversity, recruiting, and leadership as part of our team here at Aon.


July 2014

Nicole Nespeca, a Manager in Aon’s Global Talent Acquisition Sourcing team and Editor of the Aon Careers Experience Blog, chatted with one of her team members, Joanne Christmas.

Joanne is a great example of the caliber of professionals who find their way to Aon.

Joanne Christmas is a Senior Recruiter in Charlotte, NC, specializing in payroll, human capital management and shared services roles.

I have yet to meet anyone who embodies the meaning of his or her name as much as Joanne does. Her friendly, helpful and kind personality makes it easy to remember that her last name is Christmas!

Joanne joined Aon on April 4th, 2011. A true networker, Joanne learned of the position from a colleague at Time Warner who recommended her to the Global Sourcing Manager at Aon. Within two weeks, the job was hers.

Joanne isn’t just a great networker and gregarious colleague, but she is also very intelligent. At one time, Joanne was an accountant. She later leveraged her accounting background to begin recruiting accountants. When she decided to change career paths, she went to a local staffing firm to see if they could help her find a job. Instead, they hired Joanne themselves. As Joanne says, “I did not seek this career, it found me.” Interestingly, I hear this from 99% of recruiting professionals I speak to.

Joanne enjoys the endless learning opportunities that Aon offers. She likes that there are so many interesting lines of business within the organization and so much to learn. Joanne says, “Aon is a great place to have a long-term career. I plan to retire from Aon, but not anytime soon.”

Joanne is very devoted to her family, which keeps her very busy. She loves classic movies and is a bargain hunter who frequents thrift stores. Each weekend she searches for new treasures. As Joanne jokes, “It is the thrill of the hunt I like.”

Given that attitude, it sure sounds like she picked the right career path after all.


We are pleased to introduce George Giese in today’s testimonial segment by Nicole Nespeca, Manager, Global Talent Acquisition


When George applied for a job with Hewitt Associates in October 2006 he really didn’t expect to get hired. In fact, Hewitt said they were looking for someone with more corporate security experience than he offered with his background in law enforcement. But George’s personal motto is “It doesn’t take guts to quit,” so he stuck with it and got the job.


Today, George is the Americas Region Investigations Manager on the Aon Corporate Security Risk Management team. In this role, he investigates external and internal fraud, colleague and facility safety and security issues, and risks to Aon’s brand and reputation. George also collaborates with cross-functional teams to develop policies, procedures and practices for internal investigations, incident reporting, threat assessment, and fraud recognition and mitigation.


While George’s education was in business administration and engineering, he says most of what he knows, he has learned on the job. George identifies with the movie, “Jobs,” the story of Apple founder Steve Jobs. “I was a nerd before there were nerds,” jokes George. He went from the world depicted in the movie – early computer technology, long hours at work – to law enforcement at a time when personal computers were very new.


We had more questions for George:

What do you think makes Aon different than other companies?

Within our Aon culture I meet some really interesting people in the most unlikely circumstances! But I think what makes Aon so different from other companies is our diversity – the diversity in the business we do and the diversity of our colleagues. I also have a deep appreciation of the opportunities Aon gives me to learn new things from my interactions with the business and other colleagues.


What is one thing about working for Aon that may surprise people (or that surprised you)?

There are so many different things that we do as a business – affording all of us some pretty unique potential opportunities.


What are you passionate about – personally or professionally?

My passion is in “Carpe Diem” – seize the day! Professionally, I’m absolutely passionate about serving our clients – both internal and external. My excitement at work comes from believing and knowing that I am making a positive contribution to my team and to Aon. Personally – I am passionate about spending quality time with friends and family.


What are some of the things you like to do outside of the office?

I really enjoy traveling and experiencing new places and new things – restaurants, sporting events, theatre, museums, etc… I really enjoy building things, home improvement, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.


What advice do you have for people who might be deciding whether or not they want to work at Aon?

From my view, you will never achieve satisfaction if you view your employment as a “job.” Most people I meet who are not satisfied with their work do not seem to have any passion to do better. Begin with the concept of never underestimating your value – everyone has value! Give careful consideration to what you’re choosing to do – is it something you can be passionate about? If it’s truly what you want to do – position yourself from the start to be successful. Keep yourself completely open to the possibilities of what working at Aon can bring, but also constantly challenge yourself to do everything you can to achieve positive results! And finally – great things can only come if you dress and act like you believe you are capable of great things!


George Giese embodies many of the qualities that Aon looks for in colleagues – passionate about what he does, hard-working, and a team player. Do you have what it takes to join our team?


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